About Us


Carapace is an independent publisher of contemporary commercial literary fiction. We are particularly interested in quirky, genre-busting work and are always on the look out for new writers with a fresh and original approach to telling stories. We know that the traditional publishing market is struggling with the advent of epublishing and the extraordinary development of platforms like Amazon and we celebrate the fact that it’s easier than ever to self-publish and admire the technology that has made this possible.

Let Writers Write

We also know, though, that not every writer wants to take on all of the jobs traditionally done by the publisher:

  • Editing
  • Cover design
  • Assigning and managing ISBN numbers
  • Announcing and releasing print and ebooks to the available retail, wholesale and distribution channels

– and this is where we help. We let writers write.

Word of Mouth

We can also advise and support your web, social media and marketing strategy – but nobody can promote a book better than the author. We understand the best ways to blog and how to search engine optimize your pages – and we’re connected to a whole host of other authors, publishers, book reviewers and promoters and can work with you to devise a launch program for your book, including physical and virtual book tours. The best way to sell your books is by word of mouth.

Giving You Choices

Our service is entirely customizable; we can either publish your book for you and agree a percentage royalty fee from your sales that reflects our risk and investment – Rights and Royalties, or you can purchase individual services or service bundles from us – Made to Measure – you choose. If you would like us to consider your book for publishing under Rights and Royalties please visit our submissions page.

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