Rights and Royalties

publishing fictionWe’ll take on the pain of publishing – we’ll stump up the cash and time and cover the risk to take a book to market (and we’re not just talking a Word document to KDP here – we’re talking professional editing, covers, multiple selling channels and formats), and maybe even offer you an advance. We’ll negotiate a profit-share agreement with you where we cover our initial costs, the extent of which we agree with you, and take your book to market for you – edited, with a professional cover design that we all love, and devise and execute a marketing plan with you. We’ll agree what’s reasonable for us to take to recoup our investment and costs and what will happen if your title goes stellar.

Interested in having Carapace publish your work? Head on over to the submissions page.

Carapace specializes in publishing fiction in the contemporary commercial literary genre.

publishing fiction

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