book marketingWriting a book is a big job. Publishing a book’s quite complex too, especially when you remember to perform the all important task of editing. But the third stage – the sales and marketing of your title(s) is going to be key to your success. The market is hugely and increasingly competitive, so what can you do to make your title thrive? Here are a number of ways we can help with your book marketing:

1) Building your author platform – your website and blog, your social media, your Amazon author page, your Goodreads author page

2) Giveaways – on Goodreads and book blogger sites and through social media – probably the most effective way of getting your books into the hands of reviewers – this is the first step to success is to create the basis to social proof – prospective buyers of your books see that someone else recommends it. We can coordinate your giveaways for you in print and digital across multiple sites and optimize your giveaways for the most efficient results. We can also conduct Rafflecopter giveaways to drive traffic to your social media and organize prizes such as Amazon vouchers or Kindles, which people love, just with you, or with a collective of authors

3) Blog tours and guest blogs on your sites – we know a lot of authors and a lot of bloggers and they are always looking for more content – this can be a very effective way of getting the word out about your book

4) Advertising – there are so many ad slots to choose from and on so many platforms. We’ve tried loads of them out so we can help you manage your budgets and get the biggest bang for your buck

5) Author interviews – there are lots of ways to get your name out there and make some noise and lots of people want to interview authors, famous or upcoming. We can make this happen for you

There are literally thousands of things you can do to market your book and we have experience of what works and what doesn’t in a constantly moving marketplace. We are well used to balancing sensitive budgets and take a snapshot of your current reach before we start work with you, agree where money is best spent, set some target outcomes with you, execute your campaigns for you and report back on the actual outcomes so you can make educated decisions on what works best for you and where to spend your money next.

Book marketing services are 100% customizable and charges vary according to what we can do with your budget. Click the contact tab just over to the right to get in touch and kick start the conversation.

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