Book Trailers

publishing servicesWe like book trailers here at Carapace. They’re a quick way to grab a reader’s attention and give them a visual and auditory sense of what your book is about and a great way to enhance your online platform through more interactive and dynamic content. But it’s hard to make a professional looking one at home. This is how we do it:

1) We’ll start with an initial consultancy on the telephone where we’ll get the key information about your book from you and any ideas you have about the trailer – you might want a video/image based trailer, or perhaps you’re more keen on an animation. Or maybe you want to promote your book with you reading from it, or a professional actor / voice artist.

2) We’ll look at some book trailers with you for books that you like and that have similarities to yours and discuss what you like and don’t like about them. We’ll figure out the general theme of yours – will it be haunting, high-octane, quirky or funny?

3) We’ll read your book and we’ll write a synopsis and an initial story board – the key with a book trailer is to give the prospective reader enough information to hook them, but not give too much of the story away. We’ll show you some sample images/clips/animations and see how that’s working for you.

4) If you want to do some voice or video work yourself, we’ll set that up with you to record, or if you want an actor or voice artist to do the work for you, we’ll find you a shortlist based on your specifications to work with.

5) We’ll present you with a draft trailer for your review and comments and then we’ll tweak it.

6) Once you’re happy with your trailer, we’ll email it to you in the appropriate file formats and we’ll help you upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, and, if you have them, your Amazon author page and your Goodreads author page. We’ll show you how to share it on your website and through your social media and we’ll do the same through ours. Hooray!

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