Helen J Beal
Helen J Beal is British born and bred and has a degree in English Literature and Language from London University. She has a professional background in Information Technology sales, specializing in creating and growing start-up businesses. She is the author of three novels: Thirty Seconds Before Midnight, Rich in Small Things, and Riding a Tiger, and a collection of short stories: Half a Dozen Star Jumps. She is currently working on her fourth novel.


Matt Bentham

Matt Bentham

Matthew Bentham is a recent convert to writing, but aspires to make it a life-long pursuit. He is in the process of experimenting, writing for the challenge, pushing himself to reach his goal of being an actively creative individual. Matt’s tactics are multi-layered; he also draws and paints, building up his creative self-belief through hard work and commitment.

Once a student of environmental science and climate change, Matt is a vegetarian and a tree climber. Now he cycles the streets, dreaming of taking up a trade that will be an outlet for his creative instincts.


Mike CooteMike Coote

Mike Coote has been writing for about forty years. He has a tendency to start stories but not quite finish them. He is working hard to overcome this handicap and is currently studying at Chichester University, and this late foray into the academic world is helping him to get work out. He writes, like many writers, because he cannot imagine life without writing, but would love it if other people enjoyed his stories.



Mark DigglesMark Diggles

Mark Diggles is a writer who likes to write horror and thriller based short stories and novels. After pursuing some freelance writing on biographies and articles Mark started writing for NaNoWrMo in 2007. Mark writes because he wants to learn new skills and to simply write stories that people will enjoy. He takes inspiration from fellow writers such as Stephen King and Adam Nevill. Previously, Mark was a games developer who worked on games that include: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill: Origins. In his spare time, Mark is a keen surfer. His favourite surfing spots include West Wittering, Gwithian, and Biarritz.


Johnathan KayeJohnathan Kaye

Johnathan Kaye has a lifelong passion for the written word, one which has shaped and coloured his life to date. He followed this passion through education, attaining an English and Creative Writing MA from the University of Chichester. Whilst studying Johnathan found other, diverse, ways to expand his literary experience; turning his hand to proof-reading and sub-editing the university magazine. Johnathan now resides in the Chichester area and is a prolific writer of short stories and poetry, taking inspiration from both his voluntary work in historical projects, and authors such as Terry Pratchett and Jasper Fforde. In his spare time Johnathan also pursues keen interests in history and mythology.


David StaresDavid Stares

An avid reader from a young age, David Stares decided it was time he put his money where his mouth is. He is now sitting in a darkened room, weeping silently, deeply regretting his decision.




Clarke WilsonClarke Wilson

Originally from Bognor Regis, Clarke began writing as a form of self-expression when he started university in 2005. This quickly developed into an enjoyable hobby and Clarke was given the occasional inspirational boost by writers such as Kingsley Amis and Raymond Chandler. Clarke also has a creative outlet in the form of playing the guitar and he says that his favourite chords are G, F#m and C7#9.



Robert WinterRobert Winter

When not writing, Rob works as an IT Business Analyst, which has given a diagrammatical edge to his fountain penned plans and scribbles. Rob juggles his family life, with an ongoing effort to learn and hone his craft.



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