Print on Demand

publishing servicesNot everyone wants to print their books these days, and it’s not absolutely necessary, but not everyone has an ereader yet, and some analysts suggest sales are dropping off. Some people will always be happier with a paper version of a book in their hands. And times have changed. You no longer have to print hundreds or thousands of copies of your book and keep them in your basement or spare room and try and sell them to shops. Print on demand means that your readers can order your book online, or through a shop, and have their copy printed specifically for them in their hands in a matter of days. No more pulping. AND, if your book does hit the big time, all those stores can order it and get it on their shelves. We can help you:

1) Decide what size and formats you want your books to be printed in

2) Have the covers designed accordingly

3) Assign and register ISBNs

4) Set up the distribution agreements in the global territories you choose, and make them available to the wholesalers and stores you want to have access

5) Format your files for the printers

6) Submit the interior block layout and cover files and approve the proofs with you

7) Manage submission of your titles to the British Library

8) Report on your costs and sales and help you manage your pricing strategies across all your titles in all of your territories


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