Cover Design

publishing servicesThere’s more than you might think to making a really compelling cover that will appeal to your readers. Working with our incredibly talented cover designers, we follow our book cover design process to make sure that you end up with a cover that you love, and one which will sell your book to the right audience.

1) An initial telephone consultation to find out a little more about you and your book so we can identify a selection of cover artists for you. You might already have some ideas about whether you want to use photography or illustration for your cover for example or a specific theme you want to follow. We’ll also establish at this stage whether you are planning to publish across all formats, or just electronically.

2) We’ll propose a shortlist of cover designers to you and show you their portfolios so you can choose the one which will work best for you.

3) Your chosen cover designer will read your book.

4) Whilst that’s happening, we’ll set up an online mood-board where you can collect cover designs you like to share with your designer, and we’ll make a few suggestions too.

5) Your chosen cover designer will mock up some covers for you to review and talk with you about font styles.

6) If you’re planning to publish in paperback and / or hard cover styles, we’ll work with you to create blurbs for the back covers and internal jacket flaps, discuss what should go on the spines, create bar codes and QR codes as desired. We’ll also take the book specifications here so we can make sure that your covers are correctly sized when you send them to the printers or your chosen e-outlets.

7) Hopefully you’ll like one or two of the mocked up covers your cover designer has prepared for you, but we’re sure you’d like to try some tweaks – maybe some different colors or fonts. Tweak away!

8) When you’re happy, we’ll acquire the copyright licenses for any images we’re using and we’ll mail you high resolution files of your covers to send to your printers and e-outlets, use on your website, in your book trailers, social media – wherever you like.


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