publishing servicesEditing is the number one thing you need to invest in as an independent writer. You may have the most compelling characters ever and the most mind-blowing story ever told, but if your book is riddled with errors it’s the biggest turnoff for your readers. It will cost you heavily in review ratings and hugely in sales and success as people just won’t recommend your books as they will be considered substandard quality.

All of our editors at Carapace are published authors with University level qualifications in English Literature and Language and Creative Writing and we assign you an editor based on an initial consultative call where we understand more about you and your book. We offer three types of editorial service in combination or standalone as you require:

1) Structural Editing
This is where we take a high-level view of your book and the characters, plot and locations and advise on what we think is extraneous, what works well, what doesn’t work so well and what we think is missing. We’re looking for a holistic improvement of your novel here. We’ll discuss with you specific character development arcs, continuity, consequence and outcome and how you made us, as readers, feel. We’ll even share our thoughts on your title. You can take or leave our advice, but if you want us to reread your manuscript if you make some edits then we’d be more than happy to do so.

2) Copy Editing

This is where we go through your manuscript line by line. We’ll suggest changes to lines that don’t read quite right, are really hot on excessive adjectives and adverbs and eagle-eyed when it comes to repetition through your whole manuscript.

3) Proof Editing

It’s notoriously difficult to spot errors in your own work – even with spellcheckers things like homonyms and genitives frequently slip through the net. And dialogue can be difficult to master too so with this service we make sure everything is ship-shape and all your commas are in the right place. Then your readers can get on with enjoying the story.


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